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Welcome to Ozark Propulsion Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ozark Aerospace.

"We deliver performance under pressure"

This site is dedicated to the understanding an advancement of Experimental Solid Rocket Boosters.  Take everything with a grain

of salt.  Because it worked for me, does not mean it will work for you.  If you have any questions, e-mail me at:


History and Concepts

Motors Developed



bulletNew page for the P motor


bulletStatic Fire of a 4" 8000ns Green motor
bulletStatic Fire of a 3" 7600ns Thundercloud motor for the upcoming 2 stage Nike-Nike Smoke flight
bulletD-Region Tomahawk CATO, 4" 10,000ns motor


bulletStatic Fire of a 98mm 10,000ns Aqua Motor


bulletWork on the P motor continues....I will make a page soon.


bulletJoe May's Monster Flies on an OPL 6000ns Fucia motor
bulletKathy Gilliand's Star 3 flies on an OPL 10,000ns Zinc motor
bulletJerry O'Sullivan's T/S breaks mach on a historic 2-stage flight on an OPL 13,500ns N4000 to an OPL 7,600ns M3000 motor. 

See Movie Gallery for videos


bulletJerry O's Sandhawk rips on a 7600ns Aqua motor


bulletRanc"O"r takes flight for the second time on an OPL O7000 Ballistic Blue motor.

Jerry O Flies a 7600ns Fast Fucia Motor in the Sandhawk

bulletJerry O flies Reprobate on a 54mm L2200


bulletThe Beast takes to the skies on an OPL N3300 Red motor for the Kosdon 3" 10,000 casing
bulletJerry O flies a Ballistic Blue L motor


Latest Motors:


bullet BB04 - Toned down blue for the 3500ns casing
bullet RR02 - Red / blue mix for 2500ns 3" casing.
bullet FF01 - Fucia 54mm Single Use Motor
bullet GG01 - 1050ns Grenade Green 54mm
bullet GG02 - 3700ns Grenade Green 3"
bullet RR03 - Single Use 54mm K motor


Pertinent Links

Photo Gallery           Movie Gallery


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