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Ted Proseus's 1400ns Pink Elephant in his 4" ASP

Erik Hall's 1050ns Grenade Green in his 4" Eclipse

Excellent video of the Ranc"O"r flight

The pre-flight disaster of Ranc"O"r

The liftoff of Ranc"O"r on the OPl O5800

Darren Wright's Monster Maniac on an OPL M2700 Fucia

Neil McGilvray's Amazing Grace on a 3500ns Sparky Tiger Tail.    High Res

Bob Utley's Primo on a 2800ns Tiger Tail in a 54mm 2550 casing.   High Res

The Beast on an M3300 Renegade Red.      Low Res

Jerry O-Sullivans Reprobate on an L800.   Low Res  High Res

BB06 1050ns 54mm Kn=240 static fire       High Res

Jerry O'Sullivan's Reprobate on an OPL 54mm L2200    High Res

Jerry O'Sullivan's Sandhawk on an OPL 76mm M3200    Low Res

Joe May's Monster on an OPL 6000ns Fucia   Low Res

Kathy Gilliand's Star 3 on an OPL 98mm 10,000ns Zinc motor   Low Res

Jerry O'Sullivan's Terrier Sandhawk on OPL 98mm 15,000ns Fucia booster to 76mm 7600ns Zinc Sustainer   Low Res



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