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   The second flight in the Ranc"O"r series successfully flew today, even with an unexpected delay.  I brought the motor up to Neil to load and he noticed a crack in the nozzle.  After waiting for the bulk of the MDRA knowledge to arrive, it was determined that the crack was superficial, and the nozzle would not fail. 

   The launch crew assembled the rocket, and it was raised into position.  After a count of 10, the igniter lit, and 30lbs of Ballistic Blue propellant pushed Rancor skyward above an 18ft blue flame.  After a 3.75 sec burn, the motor shut down, and the rocket coasted to 9300ft.  Separation was nominal, releasing the drogue perfectly.  At 1200ft, the altimeter blew the main charge, and the 2 14ft chutes came out perfectly.

   This motor was the first test of the blue propellant, albeit a slower version.  This test makes way for the next motor which will be the full-speed 82% solids formula.

Here is video of the flight   Low Res


Ranc"O"r takes flight for the second time








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