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 This project started from incessant badgering from Neil McGilvray and the rest of the MDRA Liberty Project Team.  We decided to lift the Liberty (more info can be found at: http://www.mdrocketry.org/mgp.html) on a P and 2 O booster motors.  Since I had never done a P motor before, we decided to try it in Neil's COW rocket first.

Of course, Jeff Taylor at http://www.lokiresearch.com made the casing, and it was a beauty!  Threaded closures and a gorgeous finish made the 40lb casing look military-grade.

Neil's cow rocket had already lofted on a 6" O motor, so the airframe was tested. 
Jeff and I had some SERIOUS rocket science to do to get the design of the motor to a state that we were comfortable with.  We ended up deciding to make the first flight a very low pressure flight.  Our original propellant was way to slow, so I ended up adding a bit of Cupric Oxide to speed it up, hence the wonderful blue flame.

The motor is 6" in diameter, 6 grains each 8" long.  Total motor weight was right around 100lbs.

Sure enough, the button was pushed, and the 20ft tall, 16" diameter, 400lb rocket pulled a VERY slow 6g's and cruised under power for 6 seconds, and then coasted to 6700ft.  What a great accomplishment!

P grain, O grain, 3" grain, 54mm grain, 38mm grain

A 54mm grain INSIDE the core of the P motor grain

6" P grain, 4.5" O grain, 3" M grain, 38mm grain

Neil and a happy snap with the rocket

The Cow lifts on P motor power

The P motor at full thrust


Here is an Quicktime movie of the cow, courtesy of Chuck Rudy


Liftoff pictures courtesy of JerryO at http:/www/vahpr.com


More pictures and videos to follow





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