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Here is a list of excellent web sites related to experimental motor making:

Other Experimenters:

Ted Proseus's Experimental Site - A good site documenting the foundation of OPL.

Richard Nakka's Website - The holy of holies.  All you need to know to make Sugar motors.

Sean McAndrew's Site - Good site with a test stand.  Sean makes KILLER sparky propellant.

Grover Aerospace - An excellent site done by a young guy who should be working for Thiokol

Reactive Propulsion Motor Works - Justin Gleiter's page with the aptly named Sledghammer Blue

Mike Bennett Rocketry - Another EX guy from Colorado.  Works with the same range fomulas, so great data comparison!



Loki Research EX Hardware - Jeff's got the best hardware this side of the Mississippi!

Rocket Motor Parts - Aerotech in disguise.  A good site for SU nozzles and whatnot.

Aircraft Spruce - A good source for Aluminum Tubing

McMaster Carr - What you've never heard of this site?  Phenolic, Buna-N rings, etc etc.

MissileWorks - Carries nice 54mm and 75mm casting tubes and liners. - A great database of motor performance.


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