Well, I had static fired the legendary APS 3300 casing with Tiger Tail at Coverdale, and it worked perfectly.  It was the longest and most powerful motor I had ever done in 54mm..

So of course Jerry O'Sullivan nagged me to make another one.  A PERFECT motor for Reprobate.

We loaded it up in the specially made motor adapter...and counted down.  That 54mm motor took 30lbs and SLAMMED it off the pad! The smoke charge burned and burned and burned and burned and kept burning. (Seemed WAY too long.)

After recovering the rocket, and extracting the case....we found that the casing got so hot that it ignited the phenolic and melted the resin all over the casing.....WHAT A MOTOR!


Here is video of Reprobate on the L2200   High Res





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